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I’m a painter, mostly of still life subjects.
In the interest of wanting to share my paintings in a new form, I decided to publish a series of adult grayscale coloring books.

The images are taken from a collection of my original paintings, many of which are still lifes, that were carefully converted into grayscale.  The grayscale drawings in this series are light enough so that your pencils will provide a colorful finished image.

The books, which are available at Amazon.com, have been created for the adults and teens who love coloring books, and the art student who is learning about value in painting.

If you love to color, the books will provide hours of meditative and stress freeing enjoyment while you bring the pages to life with color. The grayscale base of shadows and light (values) has already been created for you. All you need to do is color!

The art student knows the importance of value.  The underlying composition of a painting is what makes it work. With the values already in place, you can get right to the fun part of focusing on color.

I will be providing videos and tips so please bookmark the page. And if you have questions please feel free to email me at rh@riahills.com





The step-by-step demonstration in the Food Art coloring book was BETA tested by a good friend who hasn’t worked with grayscale.