Monthly Archives : October 2018

Preview of Books

Here are some sample pages of the Still Lifes and Food Art coloring books, both of which are now available on Amazon.

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animal coloring book

Fur Feathers and Fins coloring book

While I’m waiting for the Food Art coloring book to publish I’m working on the Fur, Feathers and Fins book. I’m really excited about this book. Along with images of pets that I’ve painted you’ll find birds and fish to color. As in my other books grayscale coloring demonstrations will also be provided. Here’s a preview of some the images that will…

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Try before you buy coloring

Try before you buy the book! If you have experience with grayscale coloring you know that grayscale values can vary quite a bit from one coloring book to another. If this is your first experience with grayscale coloring you might be hesitant to commit to an entire book. Download the images for free before you make a purchase. No commitment.…

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Still life coloring book

Still Lifes book

Stay tuned for the first book in the series! After ordering 3 proofs of the book and adjusting the levels of grayscale on the images, and testing with my pencils I’m almost ready for publishing. Designing and editing a book for publishing was much more work than I anticipated. Definitely a learning process. Still Lifes contains 31 grayscale images to…

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