Grayscale Coloring Materials

While I was testing the books I was constantly increasing my supply of colored pencils.
The paper in the books is specific to KDP (Amazon) publishing, formerly CreateSpace.  I wanted to be able to recommend a pencil that not only did justice to my artwork but also provides the most vivid colors on this particular paper.

On the high end Prismacolor pencils won. You can get a 48 pencil starter set for $32. It’s when you start looking into the larger sets when the price jumps. It’s so worth the money if it’s in your budget.

In the mid-low range I found Marco Raffine pencils to be quite nice! They are a bit waxier than the rest but they fill in the paper really well without leaving lines.  I purchase a set of 72 on Amazon for $19.99.

On the low price end I found Crayola pencils to work really well! I bought a set of 100 at Walmart for $14.  They are not as smooth as Prismacolor but the colors are quite vivid and cover the paper well.

No matter what pencil you use it’s crucial that you keep your pencils well sharpened and use a consistent and steady stroke.

For the best coloring results it’s very important to keep your pencils well sharpened. It doesn’t matter what kind of sharpener you have as long as your blades are fresh.

SCRAP PAPER is always useful to keep nearby for testing your colors. All my books contain 2 grayscale and 6 blank pages in the back for testing.

I only recommend Kneadable erasers.  Kneaded erasers can be shaped by hand for precision erasing and blotting rather than rubbing is important.  Unlike other erasers they do not leave residue behind.  You can stretch and knead it after use to clean it. If you don’t it can leave marks on the paper of the color you erased. At some point the eraser will become saturated with color and it will be time to get a new one.

Please note that the eraser may not remove all the color but it will lighten it enough so you apply the new color.

I haven’t tried gel pens or markers on this paper so I can not recommend their use.
If you want to use pastels I recommend using the pencils. Make sure to place a piece of paper between the pages since pastel particles will rub off on to the previous page.