Still life coloring book

STILL LIFE II grayscale coloring book

Still life coloring book

Still Lifes Collection II is now available in print at Amazon!
Still Lifes Collection II adult (and children) grayscale coloring book was created for the beginner, art student, and coloring enthusiast alike.

Relax by bringing the pages to life with colored pencils. Visually interesting compositions of food, candy, flowers, and more.

The images are from a collection of my original still life paintings which were carefully converted into grayscale.

  • 33 single side grayscale images
  • Full-color images of the original art to use as a guide
  • techniques and tips to achieve the best results
  • Instructions for the first time user
  • 2 grayscale chart pages and 6 blank pages for testing pencil colors
  • Recommended materials.

If you love to color, Still Lifes Collection II will provide hours of meditative and stress freeing enjoyment while you bring the pages to life with color. The grayscale base of shadows and light (values) has already been created for you. All you need to do is color!

The perfect gift for anyone – adults, teens, and art students

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Download 3 free images before you buy!

Below are some sample images you’ll be coloring.

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